Include Arduino Drivers in Github driver repository

userHead Tempest8008 2018-12-20 22:37:56 6996 Views0 Replies
Is there any chance that the Arduino drivers could be included in the Github repository?

There's nothing more frustrating than installing all of the drivers only to find you're still missing one that's integral to every LP board.

Also, I've made this request before, but do one of two things:

1. Eliminate the acronyms in the repository and just put them in with their full names (ex. BM, BT, MBI....those could mean anything. Intel Battery Management, Bluetooth, and Intel Sideband Fabric Device (MBI) at least tell you what they are, even if that last one is ridiculous anyway).

2. Or in the file that's already in each repository sub-section, put the details of the driver in there for each one so we have SOME way to reference what those drivers are.