Newbie needs to access Uart and IO pins from Visual Studio

userHead orbitcoms 2018-12-24 10:36:13 1737 Views1 Replies
I am writing an application in Visual Studio that requires IO and UART access to an external device.
I see you can set up an Arduino project but can you mix a native C# program with access to these ports?

ie. My software runs a SQL database and uses forms in Windows. It requires access to an external 4G cellular modem device to send and receive text messages and activate voice calls. The modem does have a USB mode also but I cannot get LattePanda (it is the 4G/64G loaded with Windows 10 Enterprise) to see the USB (The external modem is the Adafruit 3G Fona).

Alternately I can use a Huawei 4G dongle, if anyone has examples how to send and receive SMS and place voice calls with the Dongle then that would be even better.