First time user issues

userHead LEGOManiac 2018-12-29 06:06:11 4354 Views6 Replies
I just received my LP Alpha 864 with touch screen, titan case and Win10 Pro, purchased via kickstarter.

Some initial questions:

1) How do I assemble the case? Do I attach the LP to the top of the case or the bottom? I don't see any external screw holes, which was what I was expecting. Alternatively I expected to screw the LP to the case from the inside and snap the top of the case on but the top doesn't seem to snap on. Perhaps I'm just missing the obvious.

2) Is there anything that I need to supply or is it ready to go right out of the box?

3) The two antennas; I'm guessing one is Bluetooth and the other Wifi? the have adhesives at one end. I see where I uplug the wire to, but where am I expected to attach the adhesive? To the inside of the upper side of the case? Is there a specific point that's recommended? How far apart should the antennas be?

4) I've plugged in the supplied power supply and powered on for 3 seconds and waited for the blue light to become steady, but I have no video on the HDMI cable. I was expecting at least a POST screen. Is this normal? Am I missing something?