DEFECTIVE Alpha 864 blue light flashes, then nothing

userHead TimHays 2018-12-30 13:37:11 2682 Views5 Replies
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I just received my Alpha 864 yesterday, was excited to get it finally, put it in the Titan case, plugged-in the touch-screen, plugged-in the power, and was extremely let down when I have arrived at the conclusion that my system is DOA!!!
The blue light flashes every 4 seconds or so, but nothing happens when I press the button to power it on.
I am very aware and careful about static and I never touched any contact surfaces, so I am sure that I didn't cause any issue on my end.
I looked over the other solutions in this thread and I do not have another USB-C PD power supply to try.
I've plugged it in again today and the same thing happens, with blue light flashing but not booting up when power button is pressed.

I'm not sure how your testing facility can claim that these are triple checked when so many of them arrive not working.
Also, you're only offering a 90 day warranty? For a product with this many failures? How do you expect people to have any confidence in your products?

Alpha 864 /w Win10 Pro Bundle
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