A Power Bank for LattePanda ALPHA

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I've just received a USB type-C PD 20,000 mAh powerbank from EMIGVELA ( Amazon: about $49, eBay: about $30, when it's on sale during the holidays.) Model PD-4001, internal battery capacity 74 Wh.

Tested it on LP Alpha 864 (with an eDP monitor also as a load.) With low/medium load (some basic benchmark occasionally, graphics bench, or idle in the mix), I saw the pack's fuel gauge dropped from 95% to 21% in about 3 hr 30min. Thru my meter, output voltage maintained around 14.6V (about 1.1A under load) and 14.8V at 0.7A (idle). During maximum I saw current consumption went as high as 1.9A. My meter showed power consumed as about 40 Watts-hour in this experiment.

It is a 45W PD 2.0 unit and at 15V output setting, max. current is 3A (but I did not have a load that high in my test set up.)

Its type-C port serves as either power sourcing or sinking (means being charged from a AC-DC type-C power adapter.)
This means that it cannot be used as a power-path module (i.e., poorman's UPS.)

I used my personal fund to purchase this unit and received no compensation from any.
Opinion is just my own and
naturally as Internet based purchase, it's always YMMV.

If there is any update, I will add info at later time.

2020-12-07 10:02:01 @gearedgeek, you can check if there is other PD power adapter available in the market.(PD, USB-C, 15V3A) userHeadPic LattePanda
2020-12-07 08:25:28 Any other recommendations to ZMI USB PD Backup Battery since it's out of stock on Amazon? userHeadPic gearedgeek
2020-04-23 09:40:59 LP Alpha/Delta has 3 different and independent power paths:
4-pin DC_in, USB-C PD sink, 10-pin 2S Li-Ion battery pack.
All have their own designs and associated requirements.

As I had stated earlier, not sure LPA will accept 12V 3A USB-C PD power supply/battery pack when 15V 3A PD power capability is not being offered. You'll have to test yourself. If 12V3A offer is not accepted, only LattePanda engineers can answer your question.
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2020-04-23 07:33:53 but the 12v DC can power the lattepanda which requires 15v? userHeadPic gabemorgath
2020-04-22 22:14:18 There are some telecom battery backup unit that can offer DC 12V UPS which is more efficient than 110V AC UPS. (Search eBay)
Re: kickstarter campaign
Sorry I forgot, not a backer on that project. It's at least 6 months ago.
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2020-04-22 20:53:46 So, it's better to go with a standard UPS... Just for knowledge: which kickstarter you are talking about? userHeadPic gabemorgath
2020-04-22 10:34:28 No.
1% chance to get it done that way.

Kickstarter project could be an exception (I heard of this at one time, probably in > $200 range.)
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2020-04-22 07:37:29 Hi there. Any powerbank to suggest which supports simultaneous charge-n-powering? Thank you! userHeadPic gabemorgath
2019-09-02 16:48:38 Bought and works very well,
Xiaomi 20.000 mAh Mi Powerbank 3 Pro
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2019-08-15 21:22:32 re: Xiaomi 20.000 mAh Mi Powerbank 3 Pro
Per published spec, its USB-C in output mode can do 15V 3A (45W).
So on paper, it should work. But of course, YMMV.
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2019-08-15 19:38:12 Xiaomi 20.000 mAh Mi Powerbank 3 Pro ?
Support ??
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2019-04-29 05:41:29 In addition to the 74 Wh (EMIGVELA 20000 mAh, 45W PD, weighting 420 grams) one in post #1, here is another:

26800mAh (96.5 Wh) USB-C 60W PD battery pack which can supply up to 20V 3A.
Search ebay 26800mAh PD 60W Type-C power bank < --- $38 to $42 shipped
Verified working (negotiated as 15V 3A PD profile, power bank's actual output is 14.6V max. 3A but still working fine.)

It can be charged thru the same USB-C port (thus cannot be used as simultaneous charge-n-powering at the same time) at a different time at max of 30W charge-rating.
Mfg/model is Floureon C908-PD
P.S. it weights a hefty 630 grams!
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2019-01-23 06:28:29 BTW, if that power bank is within the return period, I would return it.
Key is that LP Alpha's USB-C PD works (with inlcuded AC USB-C PD adapter) at 15V based system.
I've tested the USB-C PD as power supply method using 12V as well, but it is under controlled condition
(high quality lab power supply, thick & short gauge cord, and I even added a 4700uF cap to let the voltage won't drop too much when Intel CPU is in speedboost mode.) < -- did these based on previous experience playing with several mini-PCs

Also note in my DC power experiment thread, I mentioned that LP Alpha's USB-C power input voltage should not drop below 11V (for margin) and it will freeze when voltage dropped below 10.5V.
In the ideal power bank when it stated 12V 3A out, this voltage should not sank too much (below 11V even for a shortest amount of time.)
But as you can see, 12V to 11V margin is rather thin and a P.B. may not be able to meet it's spec. at all times.

This might have explained LP Alpha's power is the 15V version.
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2019-01-23 02:07:55 Key spec is this:
Output 1: USB C (PD) -DC 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 20V/2.3A, max total 45W

I think LP Alpha will negotiate with it to 12V 3A mode (36W max.)

If a quality and short USB-C 3A cable is used...
I think if the battery delivers (e.g., well, charged, not aged battery inside, or overly optimistic on the actual delivered power spec.)
then it could work even under heavy load. <-- this assumes no other peripheral devices are consuming big power.

Only precise way to nail down/troubleshoot is to use a USB type-C meter such as Web-U2 to identify the culprit.
Other than that, published spec. is the only things to count on.
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2019-01-23 01:39:46 Hi, Im not sure if this is the correct place to post the question I have. I purchased the External PD power bank (https://www.aukey.com/products/26800mah ... es-pb-xd26).

I tested the Lattepanda Alpha 864 and it boots fine when attached with the powerbank. I can do some coding with one application(vscode) and open about 4 tabs in chrome browser but as soon as I do much more than that the Lattepanda power cuts and it switches off.

If I boot into windows and start up any game (Portal, Halflife 2, Dota 2 and also tested a few others) then the device turns off before the game gets to the load screen.

a few questions:
1. Should the battery be able to handle any high performance applications like games if it says ( USB C (PD) max total 45W)?
2. Is there a way I can get the Lattepanda to draw more power from the device?
3. I really would love to use the Lattepanda as a mobile gaming laptop if possible so if there is a recommendation for a battery I can use if the current one wont work?

Thanks in advance!
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2019-01-07 23:29:20 Docs updated. Hope it's helpful for more users, who is choosing the right power source for LPA. ;)
Thanks for your sharing and details!
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2019-01-07 23:12:43 @ LP

Sure. No problems.
IMO, showing PD output wattage is not an assured indication that it is a right fit.
E.g., a type-C PD power adapter/powerbank may show combined port power, say 2 port unit add two ports' values together to show how "powerful" it is.

A specific type-C port's output rating is the key.
For example (thru PD protocol sniffer/analyzer), I checked one of my type-C PD power adapter supports the following spec:
5.00V 3A
9.00V 3A
10.00V 3A
12.00V 3A
15.00V 3A
20.00V 2.25A
(When it connects to LP Alpha providing power, they negotiated to 15V 3A mode.)
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2019-01-07 19:03:20 This is cool. Would you mind that I combine this post on our official docs to share your testing and suggestions to all backers?
Look forward to your reply!

Link - http://docs.lattepanda.com/content/alph ... ower-banks
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