A Power Bank for LattePanda ALPHA

userHead anonymous 2019-01-02 09:22:37 25921 Views18 Replies
I've just received a USB type-C PD 20,000 mAh powerbank from EMIGVELA ( Amazon: about $49, eBay: about $30, when it's on sale during the holidays.) Model PD-4001, internal battery capacity 74 Wh.

Tested it on LP Alpha 864 (with an eDP monitor also as a load.) With low/medium load (some basic benchmark occasionally, graphics bench, or idle in the mix), I saw the pack's fuel gauge dropped from 95% to 21% in about 3 hr 30min. Thru my meter, output voltage maintained around 14.6V (about 1.1A under load) and 14.8V at 0.7A (idle). During maximum I saw current consumption went as high as 1.9A. My meter showed power consumed as about 40 Watts-hour in this experiment.

It is a 45W PD 2.0 unit and at 15V output setting, max. current is 3A (but I did not have a load that high in my test set up.)

Its type-C port serves as either power sourcing or sinking (means being charged from a AC-DC type-C power adapter.)
This means that it cannot be used as a power-path module (i.e., poorman's UPS.)

I used my personal fund to purchase this unit and received no compensation from any.
Opinion is just my own and
naturally as Internet based purchase, it's always YMMV.

If there is any update, I will add info at later time.