Parrot On Panda(Parrot OS Linux) 2G/32GB

userHead erickrm 2019-01-05 06:59:28 6706 Views3 Replies
For anyone interested, I can confirm that Parrot OS(4.4 on Kernel 4.18) works! I did not do anything special other than install as I normally would on any other machine via USB. Initially I had some Wireless issues but i think they might be related to the Reboot without removing power that was causing it not to come back. On full power cycle(remove power) I was back to having full wireless connctivity. I have not tested BT much yet, but i was intially able to sync a mouse but have not used it since.

Methods of control....

I dont want to carry my Workhorse laptop with me when i travel so the Panda will simply be an AP for my iPad to connect via TeamViewer or simpl ssh for headless operation.

Initial impressions with windows were not so greate so I opted to install linux which im happy I did as I am liking the performance. VS Code loads up nicely, and browsing is a breeze. As you can see ive almost maxed out my emmc testing a bunch of applications from Pentesting tools to other simple ones used on daily basis. ParrotonPanda.png Parrot OS on LattePanda ParrotonPanda.png (2.3 MiB) Viewed 6358 times