Wifi strength issue with Titan Case

userHead walker93 2019-01-06 05:34:54 5115 Views10 Replies
Today I started using my LattePanda Alpha 864 inside the Titan Case, however I noticed that the Wifi was't working properly.
I was able to connect to my router but it just was so slow that the browser was showing the timeout page. (others PC were working fine)
Then I tried to restart it without the case and it was working perfectly.
I also tried to mount again the case without the screws and boot it again, the problem was still there and without shutting it down I removed the bottom part of the case and the wifi started to work perfectly.

I didn't attached the antennas to the case yet, and I'm wondering if that can improve the Wifi signal when using the case or if i'm just not mounting them properly.

Is there anybody that faced the same issue and solved?