[DEFECTIVE] LattePanda Alpha not powering on, no signs of life

userHead IdeaStormer 2019-01-07 06:22:08 5582 Views11 Replies
It seems my LattePanda Alpha has the same issues as a few other threads have listed as it does not power on nor shows signs of life (no LED is on or flickers or other). I have read through the other similar threads and I would guess its so far the USB-C power adapter and unfortunately do not have an extra one to prove that (yet), I did try a USB-C cable I have for a bluetooth headset but it did not work either with the LattePanda but does with the bluetooth headset but it might be due not providing enough power? I also do not have the DC connector to test if the LattePanda is fully dead.

I will look for a DC connector and its pin outs to see if I can use a DC power supply to test the LattePanda.