10 pin Li-Po battery connector experiment

userHead anonymous 2019-01-08 06:58:02 94945 Views45 Replies
I am testing the 10-pin connector as documented recently.
First, here is wiring (see pic)
pin 1, 2, 3 goes to Red wire as positive (I used 20 AWG silicone wire).
I use 60W soldering iron to do the wiring (PCB's big copper backplane spread the heat too fast if using smaller soldering iron.)
and direct-soldering on the socket side to avoid tiny components.

pin 8, 9, 10 go to black wire as Ground.

I then soldered a 10 K ohm resistor on the 5th test pad (which is NTC) and Gnd (black wire) as the NTC sit-in.

The unused two pins (SCL and SCK) are for battery's fuel gauge IC. LP's doc does not use it thus I don't use them yet. Attachments 20190107_141.jpg 20190107_141.jpg (380.7 KiB) Viewed 23642 times