Kickstarter order is stuck in customs, Lattepanda team ignores me.

userHead jrawinsky 2019-01-09 10:29:38 3092 Views5 Replies
I have posted this to Lattepanda via the kickstarter comments and via direct messages but Lattepanda refuses to reply or help.

@lattepanda please reply to my PMs to you? My shipment is still in customs. In my other thread you said to PM you but I had already PMd you multiple times over the last 4 days and you have completely ignored everything. I received notification from SF-Express that my shipment is being held by US Customs and that I would need to send a Customs Power of Attorney, TAX ID proof, a copy of my social security number, and they want an additional $226.00 plus $ 0.50/kg per day storage fees. Can you kindly contact them and straighten out this mess? SF-Express said they would only hold the shipment for 48 hours. If it gets shipped back to you will it take another year to get me my items? Please help me.