[DEFECTIVE] LPA 864 type c power issue

userHead andyhu 2019-01-09 11:33:06 1951 Views3 Replies
Hi everyone,

I received my LPA 864 on 3, Jan last week via SFExpress and this parcel was shipped out from Sichuan.
Backer order #165

I have the same power issue like other users after I played my LPA around. The symptom is:

After unpacking LPA from the parcel, I started setup everything including 7" eDP according to the online doc. Plug in the type C power code, wait for some seconds the red led lite blinking. When I move the LPA around, the power is missing. I then put my LPA steady on my desk. Wait for a couple of minutes, the red lite blinking again and can start working. However, when I move the LPA and the power missing again. I have to move around the LPA because it's connected to 7" eDP. It's not possible to place LPA still on desk. This situation last forever.

I tried the way from forum. Unplugging the power cord, removing RTC battery, doing the hard reset with any luck. It will not be auto healed.

Also, my streaming cable is not working. The bundle activated win10 will not recognize this usb device.

I will start RMA procedure.

For better explanation, I will write the issue in Chinese as followed.我的 LPA 的电源徵症为:
1. usb type c 电源插头插进LPA 上面的母头时,等几秒钟后红色led 灯会亮,但有时不会,有时要静放几分钟后或整晚红色电源灯才会亮。

2. 电源正常,进入 win10 后,使用一段时间或开启 IE 多个视窗时有时也会造成整个电源消失不见。

3. 电源正常我按押电源开关正常开机后,当我拿在手上时,大概垂直或某些角度电源即消失,也就是说只要动到 usb type c 电源线时电源即会消失。我嚐试试过论譠其他使用者的方式,把 rtc 电池拿掉做 hard rest 但这种徵症并没有改善,从我上星期四 1/3 收到后一直是这种电源会消失的状态。

我自己的评估是 usb type c 的母头接触不良或是其他硬件问题造成电源供应不稳。

4. streaming cable 的问题为,win10 里面的 device manager 认不得它。一开始照网页上面的 doc 步骤安装时,执行 SetupEnv.exe 后如下:
Scanning Streaming Cable…
Failed, please make sure you have inserted Streaming Cable and try again.
Press any key to continue…

以上,我过几天会开始 RMA 程序把东西寄回上海。

Andy Hu