[OPEN] Alpha m.2 not recognised / not booting

userHead THW Mark 2019-01-10 04:08:46 1983 Views3 Replies


received my alpha bundle a few days ago and the product looks really great. I've now started to experiment with some of the extensions. I wanted to use a 512GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD as a secondary storage device, but my panda won't boot when it is installed.

More specifically, if i disable the SATA function in the bios, the device boots fine into Windows from the EMMC. However, as soon as SATA is enabled, the "Latte panda + rotating circles" screen freezes. When I reboot into recovery mode it crashes with a BSOD. So it looks like the SSD is not recognised, but i just pulled it from a working PC.
 Any suggestions?