Can I use Streaming cable with iPad Pro?

userHead keithk 2019-01-11 03:21:45 2651 Views2 Replies
Does anyone know if the streaming cable will work with the new 11" iPad Pro?

I just received the new LattePanda Alpha with the streaming cable this week. When I installed NoMachine on Alpha, I realized the option of IOS NoMachine app and so I installed that too on my iPad Pro. When I connected the Alpha with my iPad Pro and launched NoMachine, I was very happy that I got connected and I can use iPad Pro as the screen for Alpha but then I realized the connection was not through the streaming cable but through my home wifi network which also explained the little screen lag experience. I used a USB-A- to USB-C adapter on the streaming cable to plug to the iPad and this didn't seem to work (the iPad won't recognize the fast network from the streaming cable.