eDP + touchscreen panel/monitor with the LattePanda Alpha

userHead x34racer 2019-01-14 23:29:40 3526 Views3 Replies
We are going to be running an alpha as an embedded solution in a full scale hovercraft as a way to control peripherals and touch screen. I have been going through documentation (what is available and not dead links) and am not able to find the specifications to assist with buying the correct screen.

I can see that the Alpha has a 30 pin eDP, but that is a very generic requirement, as that does not define the architectural standard for the monitor. If we have to run a touchscreen overlay, that would be fine as well, but how many pin is the touchscreen input on the Alpha? I have seen many overlays that are 4 pin, is that the same as the input on the alpha?

Any documentation, pictures of others alpha's, etc. is greatly appreciated.

I have spent the last 2 weeks looking through these forums, external forums, and general Google searching for the answer to this, but it seems to be very elusive.