Help - Building a laptop out of the lattepanda alpha?!?

userHead XpointView22 2019-01-16 03:39:45 1629 Views0 Replies
The first problem that I have run into is eDP screens. I have the pinouts of the screen, but I know nothing about eDP ports. Thus, I need help matching the pinouts of the display to the lattepanda alpha.

The display is 1920x1080 120Hz
The display is a CMO/LNNOLUX N156HHE-GA1

Pin Symbol Description Remark

1 NC No Connection (Reserved for LCD test)
2 H_GND High Speed Ground
3 ML1- Complement Signal-Lane 1
4 ML1+ True Signal-Main Lane 1
5 H_GND High Speed Ground
6 ML0- Complement Signal-Lane 0
7 ML0+ True Signal-Main Lane 0
8 H_GND High Speed Ground
9 AUX+ True Signal-Auxiliary Channel
10 AUX- Complement Signal-Auxiliary Channel
11 H_GND High Speed Ground
12 VCCS Power Supply +3.3 V (typical)
13 VCCS Power Supply +3.3 V (typical)
14 NC No Connection (Reserved for LCD test)
15 GND Ground
16 GND Ground
17 HPD Hot Plug Detect
18 BL_GND BL Ground
19 BL_GND BL Ground
20 BL_GND BL Ground
21 BL_GND BL Ground
22 LED_EN BL_Enable Signal of LED Converter
23 LED_PWM PWM Dimming Control Signal of LED Converter
24 NC No Connection (Reserved for LCD test)
25 NC No Connection (Reserved for LCD test)
26 LED_VCCS BL Power
27 LED_VCCS BL Power
28 LED_VCCS BL Power
29 LED_VCCS BL Power
30 OD_EN OD Enable Input