Fail to power Latte Panda 4/64GB from CN2 headers with Meanwell DIN rail power supply

userHead Morgennebel 2019-01-18 00:21:00 2249 Views1 Replies


I have a Latte Panda 4/64GB running fine with Devuan Linux (, e.g. shows Latte Panda symbol before booting, offers grub bootloader, starts into Linux.

The Panda is running fine using a USB power supply offering 5V@3A and using the small USB port.

However it's not booting when using the CN2 headers and a Meanwell DIN rail power supply providing 5.01V and maximum of 6.5A ( ... B00MWQEGSC). According to specs the power supply requires 100msec to boot up and 30msec rise time.

Blue LED is, dims up bright on twice within about 1/2 secondRed LED is onBoth LEDs are darkPattern repeats

There is never a Latte Panda symbol, the monitor remains black and the system never starts. Voltage has been metered and adjusted to 5.01V. No cables are changed.

As I would like to use the Latte Panda within an Industrial Control environment and within a closed DIN-rail based case I would much prefer the DIN rail power supply over an USB power supply which prevents closing the lid.

Any ideas why the Panda would not boot up giving a much stronger power supply? Hard Reset has been completed already.

Thanks, -MN