BT not turning on- Alpha 800 model - Ubuntu 18.1- HELP!

userHead Therexershow 2019-01-19 02:49:36 1170 Views1 Replies
2 questions looking for help.
1) The BT will not turn on for my Alph 800 model running on Ubuntu 18.10. I feel i have successfully snapped in the antenna, as the wifi works fine and the signal for that is strong. But regardless of the antenna, the BT should still turn on. See attached pics for problem. Some have said kernel / 18.10 software issue or driver compatibility. I’m at a loss. Can anyone help?

2) Also, where do I stick these antenna onto the board? I have no idea where to stick these things. And how do i stick them. Do i take off all the paper and still the whole thing to the board, or just a piece of the paper and stick a little bit on the board. Attachments A509CEBE-8D3C-49FB-AAC0-B6BA975C47AD.jpeg A509CEBE-8D3C-49FB-AAC0-B6BA975C47AD.jpeg (42.25 KiB) Viewed 937 times D6465F6D-F36D-4BC5-81C2-AB6986C0D61D.jpeg D6465F6D-F36D-4BC5-81C2-AB6986C0D61D.jpeg (56.91 KiB) Viewed 937 times