Can any other devices run on 5V, 2A input besides LattePanda?

userHead gilius 2019-01-26 09:23:13 1835 Views2 Replies
Is there any other SBCs, Laptops, Desktops, Thin-clients, Chromebooks, Notebooks or Tablets in the world that can run on only 5V, 2A input besides the Raspberry Pis and their superior, the LattePanda?

For example, this device has a micro-USB input/charger also and Intel atom, but it requires a minimum of 3A: ... B073RZWPB5

However, from my experience it seems that even with 5V, 3A the battery will still drain quicker than it can be charged whilst the device is running, hence the specs are more for the battery instead of the device. I believe the device itself is consuming more power than 5V, 3A.

How about all the snapdragon notebooks that use a lighter ARM64 processor compared to Intel? ... ttery-life ... y-book-2/2 ... 0-3670348/ ... essor.html

Most of the above hold the world records for battery life, but if you took out the batteries then what would the minimum power be to sustain the devices?

Is there anything out there in the world that is comparable to the energy efficiency of the LattePanda in terms of running Windows 10 or Linux? In other words, if you experienced a blackout then would the LattePanda be the best choice for a solar-powered desktop experience?