Alpha 8/64 Dead

userHead 2019-01-28 03:22:00 1180 Views1 Replies
I was gifted a Lattepanda Alpha 8/64 for Christmas. Been using it for streaming and web search's. Was using last night and was running fine. I shut it down and then switched it off at the wall and went to bed. I turned it on at the wall this morning and it was just dead.

No lights, no power on the IO pins. I then wired a the 12v rail on PSU onto the 12v in, and its still just dead.
I read about the voltage regulator for the type-c port getting hot but i cant feel it even getting warm.

I have been very careful about touching the board to avoid giving it a static discharge, but i didnt touch the board between last nigh and this morning, so I know it cant be that.

The stock power supply that came with it makes a sound similar to a police siren but very very softly when I plug it into the board, I dont know if it was doing it previously as I never listened to it before this fault.

If anyone could help me or shed some light, I would really appreciate it.