LattePanda 4GB+64GB (CR200 z8350 ) shutdown randomly

userHead ewaca 2019-01-29 17:35:40 1678 Views0 Replies
My board shutdown (black screen) randomly (5min, 1 hour ... after boot) while idle or not

i have almost tried all you suggest to resolve issues :
- i have tried many power supply and cable (2.0, 2.1, 3.0 Amp with micro usb)
- i have tried to power through CN2 header with my odroid XU4 power supply (4.0 Amp)
- i'm using a cooling solution (temp is about 55/60° when it crashed)
-i have tried to reinstall drivers many times
-i have tried to flash bios (Default and ubuntu ones)

the 2 things i have not done :
-reload OS : i have a BSOD when it boot on iso :
-flash bios at hardware level

i have this board from saturday, it always crashed, i guess it was power issue, but now i don't think so. With my odroid XU4 power supply, i can't run the XU4 for days with all cores at 100% and i have no problems.

so ... what should i do now ?