Screw terminals?

userHead Zauberkugel 2019-02-05 01:16:54 1754 Views0 Replies
My robots like to go upside-down and get beaten up in nature. Connectors easily fall out of the Arduino-style push-in sockets. I need screw terminals to hold all the cables in place. But I can't find any for LattePanda!

At the moment the only solution seems to be to use the Gravity IO expansion shield ( to adapt to an Arduino footprint, and then use an Arduino screw terminal breakout on top of that. Slightly awkward, but works. For the first generation of LattePanda's anyway. I can't see an equivalent product for Alpha.

So here's my request: Could you make Screw Terminal breakout shields that fit the different LattePandas? Or, (second choice) a shield similar to "IO expansion shield" that fits the Alpha, converting its pins to Arduino Mega geometry?

I'd be ready to order some Alphas for my projects. The only thing preventing it is lack of available screw terminals. (or some equivalent sturdy but reversible method to affix cables -- am I missing something? Does anything like that exist somewhere? What are people using who need more stability?)