[CLOSED] Alpha, Screen shaking & jiggling from display through USB-C

userHead hylo 2019-02-07 07:39:17 1346 Views1 Replies
Hi there,

I noticed that USB-C to HDMI does not work well.
One of the great things about USB-C is that it can provide power while transferring data in addition to the display signal, right?
I have USB-C hub which has a number of USB-A port, HDMI port and a USB-C power input port.
So I only need to connect this USB-C hub to LP Alpha to power and display.

I noticed two issues with this setting.
(1) Weird pixel flickering at random locations(very fast)
(2) half of the screen jiggles to left and right for a split second(once every 10 seconds or something)

I'll share the video of the two issues.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iD4RwI ... sp=sharing

I tried two USB-C hubs(different brands) and two monitors(one 4k, one FHD) and the issues were consistent.
I think this is a hardware problem because I can observe above issues happening at boot time(with LP logo)
Is there someone experiencing the same issues?