[Solved] How to install open-ssh server

userHead nohup 2019-02-08 01:34:50 1951 Views2 Replies
We worked with Linus many years.
But when we made an attempt to install open--ssh server for UBUNTU 16.04 happened many the same problems. They all finished unsuccessfully:

1355 apt-get install openssh-server
1357 apt-get install openssh-server
1364 apt install openssh*
1365 apt install openssh-server
1366 apt install openssh-client
1367 apt install openssh-sftp-server
1369 apt install openssh-server:i386
1370 apt install openssh-client:i386
1376 apt install openssh-server:i386
1380 vi /etc/ssh/apt-get install openssh-server
1381 apt-get install openssh-server
1382 apt-get install openssh-client
1383 apt-get install openssh-sftp-server
1384 apt-get install openssh-import-id

Where to read about the rules how to install open-ssh server for LattePanda?