Alpha disabled usb from bios

userHead electrorial99 2019-02-08 05:47:26 2309 Views3 Replies
Hi I have a Lattepanda Alpha 864 from 15 November 2018
The problem is that I entered in bios and I accidentally disabled usb controller and all other ports
I tried reseting bios with buttons like 20 times but no result: lattepanda turns the blue and red led on, the fan starts spinning but the monitor stays off and the keyboard also stays off. I tried changing the hdmi cable, changing monitor with a TV but no result
The settings that I remember I changed are:
Monitor wait--disabled (default was enabled) [this is the last option at cpu category]
Legacy usb support--auto [can be found at USB Configuration]
Aperture Size--1024 Mb [this option is at graphics configuration]

Does anyone have any idea how can I reset the bios without usb ?