DEFECTIVE No boot Alpha

userHead inglesevilla 2019-02-13 03:42:17 2457 Views6 Replies
Alpha864 Enhanced 8GB 64 Windows Pro

Booted ok four times and once would not boot then after two hours boot correctly. Now not booting at all.

Another Alpha which will not boot. I get the blue flashing light, but no red, not even for a brief moment.

I have tried all of the options on this forum and nothing.

Remove the battery, wait for some time, press the power button and reset for 20sec, all the other options. Not booting up.

Purchased a new USB C power supply, nothing

Tried power directly to the power connector, again nothing.

Sent email to tec support and no reply.

Does anyone know how to open an RMA and get replacement ?

I am still just in the 90 day return window but only just.

Very happy with the first version of this from Lattepanda (I have two), but this is not goods for a new device and considerably more expensive.