[DEFECTIVE] LPA wont power on, LED lights stay off

userHead jherrick 2019-02-15 11:23:11 1895 Views3 Replies
Latte Panda Alpha was working untill 02/09/2012. Was powered on, and suddenly powered off and could not power back up. No LEDs light up. I have two, the other one is still running great.

- Have you tried the solutions listed above?
Yes, removed RTC, hard reset for 20plus seconds, 45w Asus USBC power supply, 12v PSU using external connector.

- What board are you using?
Enhanced (4GB RAM/64GB eMMC)

- How long have you had your board for?
Less than 90 days

- When did you first boot your board?

- Did it work ok before the issue occurred or has the issue always been there?
Used for 45 days.

Any suggestions, or is this a dead unit?