[DEFECTIVE] Spontaneous power failure

userHead Tsaukpaetra 2019-02-15 13:43:30 1734 Views2 Replies
Alpha 800, LattePanda Alpha with 8G RAM, No eMMC, from the Kickstarter.

Unit was working fine for the last few months, but suddenly it powered down hard and hasn't come back up via the USB-C power cable.

Prior to the shutdown it was only running monitoring software, basically < 10% CPU usage, booted off a thumb drive and saving data to another thumb drive.

Now, when connected to my usb power draw meter, it uses about 0.042 A, but none of the power status LEDs light up at all.

The power brick itself seems to still be working fine, I connected it (the power brick) to my Switch and it started charging.

I have tried hooking up a 12V battery to it (lead acid, the kind used in UPS battery backups) and the lights still don't come on, even after the suggestion of removing the RTC battery and doing whatever possible to completely power off the unit.