Some question about the integration of the ATMega

userHead Roland_123 2019-02-16 16:48:30 1928 Views2 Replies
First I want to apologize for my bad english.

I want to use the lattepanda alpha in an industrial apllication.
For that i had to know the Powerstates auf the Board.
I did some test with the state pins of the GPIO header, but for me it seems that they does not work right ?
Do i make a mistake ?

Second thing is the integration of the ATMega 32u4 to the system. Is there any information other then the
two pictures of the GPIO headers about that. Some scematic ?

Is there a connection between the ATMega 32u4 and the Intel CPU so i can share data or control the Atmel
from an windows apllication ?

To the guys from DTRobot (if there is someone reading this). This is a really cool device. But to use it
properly we need a bit more technical information about it. I can understand that you don't want to share
the whole scematic, but some iportant parts of it are really necessary !