[DEFECTIVE] Now my 2nd LPA wont power on, LED lights stay off

userHead jherrick 2019-02-22 06:19:02 1967 Views2 Replies
Latte Panda Alpha was working until 02/20/2012. Was powered on, and suddenly powered off and could not power back up. No LEDs light up. I have two, same issue with both, now neither of them work. Measured voltage of 15v from the closest to the usbc E7ET chip and ground, confirming the power supply is negotiating and providing correct voltage.

- Have you tried the solutions listed above?
Yes, removed RTC, hard reset for 20plus seconds, 45w Asus USBC power supply, 12v PSU using external connector.

- What board are you using?
Enhanced (4GB RAM/64GB eMMC)

- How long have you had your board for?
Less than 90 days

- When did you first boot your board?

- Did it work ok before the issue occurred or has the issue always been there?
Used for ~50 days.