Getting S5 state working properly

userHead anonymous 2019-02-22 10:52:32 5448 Views3 Replies
It's a baby step to get to the end game (auto power on, keep-alive watchdog, etc.)

The S5 state pin status report does not work quite right out of box.
Correct state is 5V = operational and 0v = power off. In reality, after you shutdown Win 10, S5 still stays HIGH at 5V.

Finally worked out a fix...

Under PC settings, search "POWER", find the "Choose or Customize a Power Plan".
On that page's left side panel, click "Choose what the Power buttons do".
Click-n-check "Change settings that are current unavailable",
Uncheck "Turn On Fast Startup (Recommended)".

Once you diable the "Fast Startup" option in Windows, the S5 status pin finally can report the true power-off status correctly.

P.S. have not checked other OS so no idea on what or if anything need to be done there.