Lattepanda Alpha 864 Working just fine

userHead shiprat 2019-03-01 18:05:24 5851 Views2 Replies
When I was ordering my alpha 864 I was almost put off by all the posts of DOA and failures on the forum- so I thought it only fair to post the info that mine has worked perfectly so far, in an effort to balance the forum sentiment.

What I've confirmed to work in the couple of weeks I've had it:
  • Included USB C charger works just fine.
  • Wired up a JST 4pin connector for 12VDC to 5.5-2.1mm socket and used a PSU that gives 12v 5A on a matching plug, this also work just fine.
  • Wired a JST 2pin for power switch, works.
  • Installed fedora 29 to EMMC, works fine of the box.
  • Designed a case based on the 3d drawing posted by ccs_hello and then redesigned it a bunch of time since until I got the board I didn't appreciate just how tiny it is and was a bit optimistic with space for the power socket and such stuff.
I also accidentally ran a drill along the underside of the board a bit when assuming I could drill slowly and controlled enough on side of case not to risk doing that exact thing. Board survived though, with a few scratches


First version of case- a bit tight if you wanna fit lots of wiring and stuff in there. New one is wider on one axle, but waiting on a new thermistor for 3dprinter before I can test it. Will make an effort to clean up and post STL files here if anyone is interested.

Once printer is working i'll also try printing a lid with a mount for a Noctua a9x14 pwm fan, hopefully figure out some breakout terminal for the arduino pins, and try to make a more "pocket style" case similar to the titan case that allows full enclosure but is still small.