Calling all iCube battery users!

userHead john_mckale 2019-03-02 07:03:47 1731 Views0 Replies
So I have been experiencing the issue that alot of people have been experiencing with the USB C power supply where some or none of the leds flash (in my case I have just the blinking 6s blue power light) and no boot or response from the alpha.

I have tried alot of different combos to get it to boot and figured maybe powering it through one of the other options would work due to it possibly being stuck in the negotiation.

I ordered one of the iCube batteries from ali last week. Patiently waiting for it arrive to see if it does get me through this issue.

Has anyone been in the situation where the USB C option is no longer viable, but were able to bring it back to life by use thealternative battery or DC input?