Corrupt Window 10 Enterprise

userHead gaprunella 2019-03-16 23:42:06 5006 Views4 Replies
Hello, I need to reinstall the Windows 10 Enterprise. I have attempted the instructions another subscriber posted and was suggested to use by LP. The enterprise instructions are not clear. I'm downloading the version that matches the numbers on the board for Z8350 4G+64G. My usb drive is bootable. I plug the usb drive in, start the panda. It wakes up to the first screen with the countdown along with list of actions it is doing and it freezes at 3 sec. Unfortunately for me I don't read the language the screen is written in. I don't know why this is failing. I have a feeling that I am downloading the regular window 10, and not enterprise. I do have my paperwork that came with the LP.

The usb has 4 folders on it, Boot, EFI, Images and Sources. Then two files bootmgr and bootmgr.efi The main directory it download from says it is window 10 enterprise for lattepanda.
Can anyone help me fix my LP? This really should not be this difficult.

Thank you for your help.