Servo writeMicroseconds in visual studio?

userHead Zauberkugel 2019-03-17 04:35:46 1574 Views1 Replies
I'm controlling Arduino via firmata from visual studio. This is simply awesome. PC and Arduino fused their souls and act as one Question: When controlling servos, we can set the angle. In both C# and C++ this is done with servo.write(angle), where angle is in degrees 0-180. In C++ it used to be possible to write the pulse width in microseconds directly, via servo.writeMicroseconds(us), where us is in microseconds, usually 1000-2000 (but it would accept other values if your hardware can handle them). In LattePanda's documentation I cannot find any C# command similar to writeMicroseconds. I would like to use this, because it has finer resolution and offers more flexibility than write(angle). This is important when controlling modern ESCs which have very high resolution and customizable firmware settings. Is there any easy (or hard) way to do that?