My LattePanda Alpha is broken

userHead TomStreet 2019-03-17 23:57:07 1583 Views2 Replies

I have a problem with my LattePanda Alpha 800. After I made some changes in the BIOS: I disabled wait for HDMI, Arduino, hyperthreading and the emmc (what I remeber), did no longer get an image over HDMI. When I reboot the Panda manually Blue LED goes on and the fan takes about 10 seconds to to make his little spin move. After that the blue light stays on and nothing else happens. The LattePanda gets a bitt warm. Every USB device I connect seems to get deactivated (NumLock-LED does not turn on).

To solve the problem I tried:
-various Displays and Keyboards
-boot from USB
-Use internal USB2
-Hard Reseting
-Blind Reset of the BIOS (DEL F3 Enter F4 Enter)
-Removing the CMOS-Battery
But sadly nothing seems to work, I hope some one in this forum might come up with a solution.