How is the Atmega connected with the CPU?

userHead djziel 2019-03-19 04:45:33 2031 Views1 Replies

I cannot find any schematic for your Lattepanda. Just a simple drawing showing pinout. For such a serious project there should be a little bit more technical information (I maybe I cannot find it).

I would like to know how is the Atmega32U4 connected with the CPU? Every single example of communication Arduinio-CPU you show is using this Arduino Firmata, which I would like not to use.
Is the UART module (Rx and Tx) on the Atmega available? Or is it connected to the CPU? How does the communication between CPU and Atmega is done? If I erase the flash of Atmega completely (getting rid of Arduino bootloader) will the communication between CPU-Atmega still work?

Those are very basic information and I cannot find them anywhere.