4K display going blank

userHead clarkjwc 2019-03-24 01:15:45 1739 Views5 Replies
Day three of new setup expanded 4G 64G eMMC: Having spent the first days updating Windows 10 I am now trying to move from a 12 inch display to 27 inch 4K, acer B286HK. It appears that every time Windows tries to repaint the full screen my display goes to black. This can last from 3 seconds to 3 minutes. This can occur even when there is no screen actions. Display settings require me to Identify and select between display 1 | 2.
I do not have two displays connected? The recommended Resolution is 1024 x 600 ! and there are no other resolutions offered except 3840 x 2160. Can I assume that the current video driver is very limited and possibility defective when it comes to 4K units? I would use device manager to list the current driver but the screen went black and never came back. I need to reset and start again.
Looking for a new driver?