How to fix the 1GB RAM bug on LattePanda 2GB/32GB

userHead LattePanda 2019-03-27 19:50:58 3217 Views3 Replies

Recently, we received some feedback from customers that they bought 2GB/32GB LattePanda 1st Gen boards, but the system shows 1GB RAM.
The problem is because of CPU's bug and the production batch is August 2018, S/N:KBMP180808XXXXX. At present this problem has been solved already, and will not appear in the following batches.
The possibility of this problem is very small, but If you have the same problem, please reflash the BIOS according to the tutorial below, so that your board can correctly identify the RAM.

Step 1.Backup your product key 
Please download this tools to find the correct key pre-activated with the system, then copy and backup it. Product Key.png Product Key.png (81.17 KiB) Viewed 2283 times Step 2.Update the BIOS files
Please download the BIOS file HERE.

How to refresh the LattePanda BIOS:
1. Format your U-disk to FAT32
2. Copy the right BIOS files directly to root of the USB flash disk
3. Plug the U-disk in USB host
4. Plugin the MicroUSB cable and power on the system
Warning: Do not unplug the U-disk when refreshing!

5.Wait the refreshing the BIOS automatically until returning "FPT Operation Passed"
6. Remove the U-disk!
Note: Make sure that remove the U-disk before restarting the system!

7. Restart the system via pressing the reset button or "Ctrl+Alt+Del". 
8. Wait the board restart.

Step 3.Re-activate your LattePanda 
If you need to install the system after refreshing the bios, please use the product key you backed up in Step 1. to re-activate your LattePanda.
Make sure your LattePanda has an active internet connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
1. Right click on the Windows button and select “System”
2. Click “Activate Windows”
3. Click “Change Product Key”
4. Enter the product key 
5. Click “Next”