Lattepanda Alpha 864 broken, what to do?

userHead Slajdes 2019-04-01 22:29:01 1886 Views4 Replies
In February my device got broken, I wrote an e-mail to admin in early March but did not get response till today. (which is April 1st. I wish it was a joke but unfortunatley it isn't) The message went as follows :

I have experienced a problem with my lattepanda product, Lattepanda Alpha
864 edition with titanium case, which I have bought from Kickstarter. When
the device was turned on for the first time, right away there were bad
pixels on the display. (photo in the link below)
I have not reached out to the lattepanda team right away as I was hoping it
was windows's and drivers's fault and after na update the problem stopped.
Unfortunately, after a month of using the product, when I tried to turn the
product on it was not possible. I took out the battery of the bios so as to
restart, hoping it was it's fault, but after restarting the device
artefacts showed on the display and the product is frozen on the logo
permanently. Please, let me know what my next step should be.

Hubert R. ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing
What should I do?
Thank you in advance.