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LattePanda Alpha - SSD and GPU off one power supply

userHead Project-SBC 2019-04-13 09:07:23 28746 Views0 Replies
Check out my video to see a GPU and lattepanda with an SSD run off one power supply
F153BB2D-1DF6-46A3-8AEB-5693B828E2F4.jpeg F153BB2D-1DF6-46A3-8AEB-5693B828E2F4.jpeg (2.5 MiB) Viewed 27263 times 4A90E6BC-F659-42E5-A322-5732B5B3F040.jpeg 4A90E6BC-F659-42E5-A322-5732B5B3F040.jpeg (2.36 MiB) Viewed 27263 times 78BC1B8F-CF41-452C-A3DC-BBF93243D8C6.jpeg 78BC1B8F-CF41-452C-A3DC-BBF93243D8C6.jpeg (2.94 MiB) Viewed 27263 times 251503BC-27C1-483E-9AFD-EFB5A42FC696.jpeg 251503BC-27C1-483E-9AFD-EFB5A42FC696.jpeg (2.55 MiB) Viewed 27263 times 1F686283-F610-4698-B1EE-E8A10F4BEBBC.jpeg 1F686283-F610-4698-B1EE-E8A10F4BEBBC.jpeg (2.12 MiB) Viewed 27263 times