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Modular laptop with an Alpha and Pi-top 2

userHead Tepelaar 2019-04-19 00:58:15 9676 Views2 Replies

I've been snooping around the forum checking what i could do with my Alpha. I had an idea but had to figure out if it was possible. Then found the posts about the 30 pin screen pinouts and 8.4v battery's so i knew it could be possible to make a (semi) modular laptop, which to my knowledge hasn't been done this simple with of the shelf parts.

Now I've almost finished my project i wanted to share the result.
After lurking on the forum for a few days my guess is you guys can easily figure out whats going on from looking at the picture.
Oh and yes everything works but haven't hooked up the power button in the picture... Attachments laptop.jpg laptop.jpg (160.14 KiB) Viewed 8644 times