LP Delta adding m2 sata ssd

userHead jeanrhum 2019-04-19 18:03:01 10735 Views9 Replies
I finally received my Delta 432, but I have difficulties adding a m2 M+B sata ssd (kingston a400 240Gb). I tested the ssd with an usb adapter and it works. I tried several times to remove and connect it again, but the drive is never detected in the bios, neither visible under windows OS.
I don't see in the bios where to activate some options if needed.

I have another surprise, a delta board is supposed to have a M2 B and M2 E port and mine has a M2 M and a M2 B (see attached file). The bios has a nvme item. Attachments lp_delta.png lp_delta.png (361.49 KiB) Viewed 9529 times