Alpha 800 windows 10 and external GPU setup

userHead TitanityDK 2019-04-24 02:49:40 2684 Views6 Replies
I´ve been struggleing with the idea of having a external gpu (graphic card) running with my Alpha 800. The 800 model dosent have emmc module on like the 864 model. And i all the time got stuck because i need the m.2 key M for either the GPU card or the m.2 ssd hdd. I tryed all thinkable possibilitys using a hdd another way then the m.2 port. But no succes, either it didnt support or it wasent built for it. I´m a newfan/Newbie of this x86 Singleboard scene. But today i finally got through...

Every time i put a normal ssd hdd with a kabel to a usb port then the windows 10 setup tells me that it´s not possible and not supported... Okay... Then i ran into a old trick i used back when i didnt know about MBR and GPT partitions... And the secret is...

Use another desktop computer with uefi and run the windows 10 setup from the USB stick to the "usbport to ssd hdd" (use 3.0 for fast setup) and when the % hits 100 and it says it will reboot within 10 secs, then you turn off the computer... Put the "USB to SSD HDD" back into the Lattepanda. and boot up the LattePanda. That way it works and you are running windows 10 from a usb port. And then you have the m.2 key m slot free and you can use a external graphic card with your LattePanda.

NOTE: It´s important when you start your setup on another pc that the ssd you are gonna use is the only HDD present. Also while doing the setup then delete the partition on the SSD and make a new one - setup will create 4 new partitions which you can install win10 on the biggest partition ofcourse.

If this is a noob thread because of my lack of knowledge then ill delete it again. If it´s helpful towards other customers with the 800 model, then i´m happy to help!

GL tinkering and sorry about my english gramma!