BIOS factory reset

userHead theredhead 2019-04-25 12:15:18 4182 Views1 Replies
Hi all, I just got my LP Delta 432 the other day and while browsing the BIOS I must have accidentally disabled the HDMI output because the display (that definitely works fine) doesn't get a signal from it anymore. I can't get the device to do anything visibly.

The whole power cycling routine pressing power and reset for twenty seconds has not done anything for me so now I'm looking for a way to reset the BIOS to factory defaults that does not involve me buying more hardware and reflashing it.

I believe the sequence to reset the BIOS settings is entering the BIOS, press left arrow 5 times then down 4 times but I can't verify if that's correct, nor what other keys I may have to press after that. I know that pressing enter twice from there doesn't appear to do anything.

If someone can post the correct sequence of keys to reset the BIOS blindly, I'd be much obliged.

Kind regards,