Lattepanda doesn't support 3D softwares after a Windows reinstallation......

userHead NeoProject 2019-04-27 07:56:04 7133 Views4 Replies
Hello everyone ! This is my first topic here so please be gentle
Last Christmas, I have bought a Lattepanda (1st gen, 4GB/64 bits) and I tried to run a 3D game for fun. It worked at 20 fps without cooling system so I was satisfied but I took my Lattepanda again last week and I was not able to boot it. I've reinstall Windows 10 from a USB key but now I can't run the same game with more than 2 fps (I'm using the game as a reference but I can't run softwares wich use 3D at all).
NOTE : I have a fan on my board now.
Is it a difference between the original preinstalled version of Windows 10 and a newer version for the 3D softwares ?

Can you help me ?