Alpha 800 - potential HW USB issues

userHead FelixH 2019-05-10 21:08:54 2316 Views0 Replies
I am trying to operate a USB 3 Vision Camera, connected with USB3 Vision compliant cables, with a Latte Panda Alpha 800. The operating system is Linux.

The camera run very unstable with the 1.5m long USB 3 cable directly connected to the device.

I experience the following issues:
  • Frame Drops
  • Partial Frame drops
  • Devices Fails to enumerate as USB3 - comes up as USB2 (clear indication of pure signal quality)
  • Complete USB Stack lockup
  • All three ports show the same behavior
The Camera runs perfectly fine using the same cable but being connected to my Laptop or to a different SBC.
I also tried various Kernel (4.4 up to 5.1) versions, which didn't fix anything.

All this points to HW issues on PCB of the Alpha. (Potential causes: Lack of decoupling capacitors, routing issues and so on). Sadly i don't have access to the very expensive equipment needed to perform hardware tests on the device (somehting like this would be needed ... =DE&lc=ger).

Did the Latte Panda Alpha go through USB3 certification?
Did you characterize the USB3 data lanes (Eye diagram)?
Could you offer details on the certification if it has been done?

Could this be caused by my specific Alpha?