I try to attatch a GPS Module from adafruit to the rs232 port

userHead BluDread 2019-05-23 03:56:49 1701 Views3 Replies
i checked the baudrate and stuff swapped out tx and rx signals but cant read the NMEA Sentences the GPS module spits out does any body have any idee's it's a lattepanda alpha i connected it to the rs232 port the orange block of the schematic thnx for your idee's
then i think the levels of the gps board is to low is that possible ?
i found a work around beceaus the levels where to low for the rs232 port i used D1 and D2 of the arduino leonard and let the arduino echo the input and out put to the serial port and it worked but now i cant use the leonardo no more for anything else or i need to by a max232 converter ic for the port i think i don't know .