Alpha/Delta as CarPC

userHead Andy_Mac 2019-05-28 19:12:00 4949 Views5 Replies
Hey guys,

Tossing up getting one of these for a CarPC setup. Have seen another thread on here about it but not much of a conclusion was drawn on the best way to go about it.
Currently running a Nexus 7 with the Timur ROM which works well but have got a new aftermarket ECU that doesn't play nice with Android so very little information can be pulled out of it without heaps and heaps of work. A solution using Windows would be ideal as it'll allow me to run the ECU makers own software for drama free compatibility.

My initial thoughts were to use a UPS power supply from mini-box as it can provide power to the DC in pins on the board and has a USB connection which allows it to appear as a battery in windows. I imagined this would allow me to set the power configuration in windows to hibernate/shutdown after say 1min when the power supply from the ACC circuit is disconnected.

I've been thinking about it some more and I'm no longer sure that will work as I think the power supply will show up as a battery at all times and not just when supply power is disconnected (had been picturing it would behave as a laptop battery does).

The other way would be to have it fed off an always live circuit and use one of their other power supplies that can give an on/off pulse and use that attached to the on/off switch on the board instead.

Does anyone have any insights or experience with this? I'm super keen to start making some progress on the transition to windows and the power supply seems to be the biggest hurdle so far.