Help me please lattepanda alpha damage

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I have lattepanda alpha 864 and I connect with the battery
As the brother said
In this article ... ake-review
And I think it's a big mistake to I believe him.
Especially when he say
'' 12v DC header – supporting a wide 10 to 15v. So you could theoretically power this directly from your vehicle’s battery.''
i connect my lattepanda alpha from battery car directly to pins4
after that the lattepanda is damaged and not working

How I can fix the IC
And what name of IC Because the IC not Known because of the damage received_431887880959509.jpeg received_431887880959509.jpeg (137.42 KiB) Viewed 3118 times And I used this to connect received_325915571670413.jpeg received_325915571670413.jpeg (181.25 KiB) Viewed 3118 times And i see subject about the there are Two circuits first run over the power adapter and the second over the battery and each one separate from the other

Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:30 pm
AFAIK, there is no fuse.
However please note that the DC_In power and USB type-C power feed are two independent circuits
so likely the other side has no problems."

After the damage
The lattepanda not turn on Anyway
Either by a power adapter
Where can I find this? IC
and are the IC completely turn off lattepanda Or thereare any way to turn on. Knowing that I am in a poor area Especially in electronics.
And what is the alternative IC
Please help me team of lattepanda alpha
I beg you.
I buy Lattepanda Alpha before a month