Slow HDMI screen refresh

userHead clarkjwc 2019-05-30 02:30:25 13655 Views11 Replies
On a new 4G 64G card with most current Windows I am seeing slow windows screen refresh. Just moving the cursor may give a black screen for as much as 14 seconds.
I have set the attached LCD display to off in the BIOS -- no help. Device Manager lists Intel Corp driver version 11/10/2016.
Just clicking on the Windows icon at bottom left to go from win 7 type screen to win 10 display will cause a slow black refresh. If I leave the curson sitting there the screen will continue to alternate with 5 second black screen.
I am using Logitech K400+ keyboard and M570 track ball with logitech Unifying Software and the dongle is the USB-3 slot.
Even when I pull the dongle out the screen cycle continues.
Moving the dongle to USB-2 slot made no difference.
Screen is 12 inch 1920 x 1080 Text size 150%